Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to Santa's Workshop!

We have had another fantastic month!  Thank you to everyone that has supported us.  We are truly living our dream!  

I am sure if you take a quick stroll through our blog you will notice we have sold a ton.  I am sure you are wondering what is left.  Well on the surface...our tiny little oasis of a shop is a little baron.  However, Santa's little elves have been busy behind the scene and have lots of new additions to add this weekend.  Just a few minor details to finish up and The Pauper's Castle will be ready for the holidays.  Please stop by and visit us soon as I will be adding plenty of new treasures.  I know...I know, you want to know "what" I will be adding.  Well you will just have to visit us this weekend.  Until to the workshop!


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