Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Change for the Better!

It's time to update this blog!  I have never been quite happy with it, but I am new to the blogging world, so it's been a learning experience.  And now it's time for CHANGE! 

As of late, I have been reading a LOT of other blogs....WOW am I boring.  I'm really not, but I sure come across that way through this blog.

Last weekend, my husband and I took some new things up to our "happy place" aka, the booth.  We did some revamping.  Here's what it looked like as of last weekend.  There is more in our garage to add this weekend...assuming I get it completed.

 I am SUPER excited about our new display armoire.  This was given to me by my friend Susan.  It was headed to her trash (this would have been a sin).  It used to be a chest of drawers.  Her neighbor had converted into a 2 shelf TV cabinet (quite crafty I must say), but it was very rough!  My friend Susan had primed it (thank you...saved me an hour plus step), which she had planned to use it for a TV cabinet as well, but I never made it passed her garage.  So that's when she called me. YEAH for me!   We happily brought it home...not really knowing what we would do with it at the time.  Then the wrath of excitement hit.  It would be our new armoire for the booth!  My husband removed another shelf and did quite a bit of sanding.  Did I mention he did some sanding? Then it was my turn to get me hands on it.  Painted, antiqued and then distressed....Oh and we added a piece of wood covered in vintage sheet fabric to the back to dress it up (and hide the hole that had been cut in the back for the TV cord).  I think it turned out great, especially for FREE!

Before.  The extra shelf that we removed is where you see the bare wood line.
After!  Much better!
Keep watching, many changes to come here.  Now off to the garage to get things done!  Chat soon.


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