Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fireplace Mantel Redo

I decided after Christmas it was time to give my fireplace mantel a face lift.  After all...it had been like this for almost 6 years! I hadn't actually decided what I wanted to do, so it sat with the mirror, the 4 candlesticks and a picture of my daughter for almost 4 months waiting for some inspiration!  I liked the before (seen below), but was tired of it.

Now for all of you that change these things out frequently....cut me some slack, I have a 2 year old and I am doing good to keep this room clean.  I must admit...it doesn't look this nice anymore.  In fact the corner you where you see the plant...it's full of toys now (you won't get to see this chaos). 

My husband was with me before Christmas at JoAnn's and really liked the giant paper mache' letters. He wanted one of these for the mantel.  I liked the idea, but hadn't been to moved on how to paint it out.  Then I ran across a blog with these covered in moss.  Fabulous! I showed it to my husband and he was hooked. I can not for the life of me remember which blog I saw this on and I feel really bad because I would love to give them credit.  However, Miss Mustard Seed did a tutorial for HGTV.  I did mine a little different than she did.

So last weekend we finally bought the supplies and I made a date with my glue gun.  I purchased moss in a sheet form.  It was 18" x 48".  Basically, I wrapped the "B" like a package with the moss.  I would have taken pics, but I never intended to post this.  I was just so excited at how the mantel looked, I decided to share anyway.  If you have questions on what I did...you can post a comment and I can get back to you via email this way.

I reused the original candlesticks, but painted and distressed them.  The mirror stayed the same (I worked too hard the first time to get it to look like that).  I used the left over moss on the ball in the urn (this was suppose to go to the booth, but never made it).  I love the change!  Now....hopefully I will update this a little sooner than 6 years from now ;-)  Thanks for looking!


  1. I love that little moss ball perched on top the urn and the moss covered B. Looks great!

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