Friday, April 8, 2011

Goodwill Outlet - Reject, Part I

I bought this beautiful (soon to be, hang with me), desk at the Goodwill Outlet.  Ha...I know, if you have never heard of the Goodwill Outlet, I am sure your reaction was the same as mine.  Really?  An outlet for the Goodwill?  Seriously, The Goodwill is already a place for discarded, unwanted, and rejected things, what could POSSIBLY, end up at a Goodwill Outlet? The Trash?

Well, if you have never been, it's definitely an experience. Nothing, I could ever describe in words, so you will just have to go check it out yourself. I wouldn't recommend going alone, it's a whole different world.  And don't, let me repeat.... don't, wear anything you remotely care about.  Make sure you have full shoes on (no sandals or flip-flops), it's not the cleanest place you have ever visited. more thing, be sure to take the Sam's Club supply of hand sanitizer.  OK...maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but you will definitely want some!

So my husband and I picked this up about four month ago, spent way more than what we really like to spend on a piece of furniture, especially when it's coming from the Goodwill Outlet, right?  But I REALLY loved the lines of it.  So we bit the bullet and spent the money.  It's a great solid piece, dovetailed drawers, carved detailing and it is in great condition.  It just needs a little love.  

Mother Nature was finally nice to us last weekend and sent us some decent garage weather. We are not lucky enough to have a heated garage and "Toasty" just can't keep up if it's too cold.  In case you are wondering who "Toasty" is...He is my 2 year old daughters space heater.  That is what she named him. heard me...Him!  "Toasty" is alive!  That is a whole other post....not today! :-)

So my husband, the sweet man that he is, sanded the holy heck out of this for me.  I wish I would have taken pictures before he sanded it.  It looked a LOT worse.  It actually doesn't look too bad in these photos.  The wood is beautiful.  Almost a shame to paint it!  But none-the-less, I began the priming process last weekend.  Once that dried, my plans were to paint the entire body and nice creamy white and stain the top (remember, because the wood was so beautiful).

Well....I now know why this little beast was at the Goodwill Outlet!  They knew something I did not!  I painted, THREE, yes I said THREE coats of creamy white paint, after sanding AND priming, the varnish...wood....stain, not sure what it was, kept bleeding through.  I have painted a LOT of pieces of furniture and have NEVER had this problem!  GRRRRRR!  Today, I said I would NOT let the Outlet Beast get the best of me.  I will WIN!

So I decided to change my plans and go with a different color!  This is today's project!  I will reveal the final results later!

Ciao! for now.


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