Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess What I Found?

Remember the picnic basket that I couldn't part with because I would never find another one like it?  Well, I didn't find one just like it, but I did (3 days later) find another Redmon picnic basket at the GW! 
This is the one I couldn't part with
Now, I've been going to the GW for many years now.  I have never seen one of these there until recently.  What are the chances of finding 2 within 3 days of each other.  The one you see on top is the one I took to the booth.  Slightly smaller and the lid opens like a hamper; although still very cute and in just as good of condition.  Sorry...I kept the Wizard of Oz one for myself.  I know...selfish.
I also promised a picture of the table we picked up at our neighborhood garage sale.  It was a bargin price and I can't wait to paint this out.  I love the lines!

A few other projects that I have been working on for the booth.
Here is that cute little brass bird, painted and antiqued. (Click here to see the before pics of each of these)  The antique serving tray revamped! Last, but not least a pedestal plate made from a vintage plate and a pillar candlestick holder.

Wall hooks made from vintage silver plated spoons

An antique chair finished in light lavender and then antiqued. I did not recover this one (I did clean it with my steam cleaner).  The fabric was in great shape.  I simply painted the wood and added a small stencil the back of the chair. Perfect since purple is one of the color trends for Spring 2011.
Magnet Boards! 
This one is made from an embroidered vintage table runner.  The other half had stains and large holes, so it was perfect for this!  Plus beauty and hard work lives on in another life.
 This magnet board is made from a simple metal silver tray.  So cute, I think!
 I have lots more to do as you saw from my earlier post and my husband just sent me a text of another table he picked up at the GW.  Have a great afternoon and a wonderful weekend.  Probably no posts until next week!


  1. Great finds! I love that side table. You're right...the lines are fabulous.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. It made me smile and I had to come check out your blog.


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