Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Treasures Abound

About 2 weeks ago, my husband and I hit several Goodwills hunting for booth treasures.  It seems as though you either have really good luck or you have really bad luck.  This was a good trip, we found lots of fun treasures!

If you notice the urn in the picture above, it is featured in my fireplace mantel redo post. Remember these treasure were suppose to be for the booth, but it never made it there. The chair almost didn't make it. I didn't do a thing to it. I loved the red paint and it was naturally distressed in all the right places. Of course it hasn't sold yet, so it could find its way back to my house. I need it like a hole in my head, but it's so cute!

The picnic basket didn't make it either!  The basket is a Redmon from Peru, IN.  Reminds me of the basket from the Wizard of Oz (my favorite movie ever) that Miss Gulch put Toto in.  Fell in love with this!  Have no place for it, but kept it anyway...what are the chances of finding another one like it and in as good of condition?  Who and what was I shopping for again?  This hobby/ wanna-be job can be very hard at times.

Complete with pie tray!

A cute antique serving tray!
I'm a sucker for silver and this little basket has a removable divider.  Just needs a little polishing and it would make the cutest cracker basket!
Fun little brass bird!  Plan to paint him!
Love the chair...HATE the plaid!
 My fingers hurt already thinking about pulling all those tacks!
And I saved the best for last!  My husband found this very unique dresser on a trip to the GW on his lunch hour.  I am in love with this piece....can't wait to refinish it! 
Isn't that just the coolest!  The top drawer folds out into a writing desk!

We found this cute little table for $3.00 at our neighborhood garage sale the same weekend we went to the GW! We also found another table, but I didn't take a picture of it yet. I will post that one a little later.

Now off to the garage to get going on some projects!


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