Friday, May 13, 2011

A Caned Chair Recused From The Trash

Yes you read that title correctly!  I rescued 2 of these chairs from my neighbors trash almost 4 years ago!  A sin I tell you!  Could you imagine, throwing these out? The caning was still completely PERFECT!  They just needed a coat of paint and some new fabric. 
They have been sitting in my shed just waiting for me to do something with them.  When we first opened our booth back in August, I had refinished one of them then and it was the first item we sold.  We had just unloaded everything (we hadn't even set up yet) and I watched it walk out the door. It was a bitter-sweet moment.  I really wanted to set the whole booth up and get to sit back and look at the fruits of my labor.  Oh well...guess you need to appreciated the fact that it sold!  That's why we were setting to booth up in the first place, was to sell things.  Now, I have finished the second one and will be taking it to the booth this weekend.

Here is a picture of it before! I had shared this in a previous post

I decided to paint this one black.  I used Rustoleum's 2X Coverage in Semi-Gloss Black since I don't have a spray gun.
Then I lightly distressed it and waxed it with Minwax special dark and recovered it in a floral toile fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.
I added furniture tacks to add some interest and detail
A close up of the detail on the arms
I am thrilled with the end result! What do you think?

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  1. It's gorgeous! Wish I had one exactly like it - it would be perfect in my master bedroom. Great job.

  2. You did a wonderful job. People often overlook cane chairs because they can't see the potential but when you foof them up....sold!

  3. This looks great. Thx for coming by! New follower too!

  4. Those are terrific chairs- so lucky to find the caning perfect! I redid a pair too, but the caning was torn on the sides so I had to remove it. It exists in the back, though. Great job!

  5. It's just darling- well done! Love how you transformed this piece! :)

  6. Great details on this. I had a twinge of envy with your chairs- I had seen one just like this at Goodwill a few months ago, and for whatever reason walked away from it. When I realized how stupid that was and drove back to get it, it was gone. :( Lucky for you yours were free!!
    I'd love it if you wanted to link this up to my party, Transformations and Treasures- it starts today and runs through Friday!

  7. good morning! I just wanted to let you know I featured your makeover at Transformations and Treasures! Enjoy

  8. I love what you did with this chair. I have a chair just like it. Did you sand it down first before painting it black?

  9. So good you rescued these - they definitely had a second life in them.

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    a lot. Will thеre be а part 2?
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  11. Hi Terry,

    Not sure what you mean by part 2? If you are asking about the second chair, that one was finished and sold prior to this one. If you scroll back to the top of the blog I have included the link to see that one. Thanks again for stopping by!



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