Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hand Painted Signs, Vintage Spoon Hook and Mr. T's Work

I know I said I probably wouldn't post much since I was going to be extra busy this week.  I have been.  I will share with you in a later post what I have been so busy with, but for now, I thought I would share a few things I did get done to take to our booth.

Hand painted vintage inspired wooden signs.

The spoon rack is made from silver plated vintage spoons bent into the shape of a hook.  I made one of these for the booth before never made it to the booth!  SHHH!  I kept if for myself and I am glad I did.  We use it ALL THE TIME!  It's never empty and has been one of the best things we added to our entry way. I made 2 for Christmas gifts and they were a huge hit with my sister-in-law and step mother.   I have made a couple of other with smaller spoon hooks for the booth, but hadn't made a large one like the one I kept.  I finally had enough serving spoons to make another one to sell.

Here is how ours usually looks!

Mr. T has a small hobby himself.  Collecting sports memorabilia.  Mostly for Minnesota sports and a few Kansas City things (that's for me).  He has lots of ideas, but has run out of room for any new projects for his 11 x 14 room. So he has moved to framing photos for a small space at our booth.  Here is one of the newest additions.  A little something for you guys out there!
Ernie Banks
Happy Holiday! Ciao for now! Kellie


  1. I *love* the "never enough thyme" sign, and the spoon hooks are darling! Great ideas.

  2. I love your weathered signs and spoon hooks! You distressed them perfectly!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment about my table :)



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