Monday, June 20, 2011

Something Pretty for Me!

I have spent so much time and effort lately on the booth or the Preeclampsia Walk (which was a huge success, to see pictures from that click here), I decided it was time for something pretty for my family and me.

Every year I plant flowers around the house.  The first year we were in our house (2004) we had the most beautiful impatiens in our front yard.  Unfortunately, about 3 years ago, we lost our big tree in our front yard.  This completely changed our sun exposure!  So needless to say, those impatiens now would just COOK.  Our home face east/west with the eastern and southern sun on the front of the house and you guessed it....a lot of western sun on the back out the house.   For the past 3 years I have done something different every year, but just hadn't found the one thing that I love!  I think I finally figured it out this year!

If you look closely in the picture above, my mother-in-law had an old bench she found in the basement of her1900's home when they moved in 41 years ago.  She was going to throw it out until I rescued it.  I left it just the way she found it.  A little tattered, a lot chippy and a little wobbly...but perfect for my flowers. The old galvanized feed tub was hers as well.  She had 3 of them and asked me if I wanted one, after my husband and I saw one at a yard sale near their home for $62.00!  A little salty for me. I took the one that was in the worst shape.  This old work horse was on to retirement!  The bottom is rusting out, but that is OK with me. It works well for drainage when I water my flowers.  Although it wasn't much good for collecting twigs, brush and leaves from the yard or whatever other work they had intended for was perfect for my flowers.  I simply put some bricks in the bottom of the tub and set my once hanging planters in on top.  I think it turned out beautiful!
At the same yard sale we saw the $62.00 galvanized wash tub.  We purchased an old hanging vegetable basket for $3.00.  This would be my new hanging basket for the front porch.  It's perfect!  I not only have 1 hanging basket, but 3 within one.  I simply lined it with moss and filled it with dirt and flowers. So for less than $30.00 (cheaper than one nice basket at the garden center) I have a new planter and something no one else in the neighborhood has.  Now, I just have to be patient and wait for it to fill in.  This is the hard part!

Last year, in the area where you see the hosta, we planted sun vinca.  It did ok, but it just wasn't a pretty and the impatiens.  This year we decided to plant two carpet rose bushes.  They bloom a coral colored rose that starts off a red/orange, then fades to coral, then to a light pink just before they peter out.  Unfortunately, in this picture, they aren't blooming at all.  But they were pretty at the garden center. 

In the empty space, I plan to build a small non functional greenhouse out of old windows.  Completely non-functional and just for looks.  Similar to the one I found on
I don't plan to make mine quite as ornate, just because that isn't me or my family.  However, I do love this!  So I have started this project, but it's not quite done yet.  So I will show you that in another post.

Until then, I hope your summer is off to a great start. Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer.
  Ciao for now!  Kellie

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  1. I love how you used that $3 hanging vegetable basket and turned it into a flower planter...hanging baskets are usually soo expensive! It looks gorgeous in your front patio among all those vibrant geraniums. Loved all your special touches especially the Eiffel tower metal sculpture. A greenhouse would look so perfect in this corner of your patio. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Summer Paint Party. Would love to have you visit me sometime.~Poppy

  2. Super cute porch!! I really love your wash tub! $62.00 is nuts!

    Take care!

    Happy new follower!

  3. I have a similar Eiffel Tower but bigger! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cute, Cute! Love the wash tub! Great ideas! Visiting from the Blog Party!

  5. Loved the Eiffel Tower! The wash bin is so cute with the flowers in it. What a great idea the veggie basket was and cheap and how fun that no one else has it. Can't wait to see your green house :)


  6. Just gorgeous! What a brilliant idea for the triple hanging basket!! I'm definitely going to have to remember this! :) thanks so much for joining the porch party!

  7. PS- I just saw your link to your dad's dad's name is steve and he builds stuff too! Too funny. :)

  8. Oh I just found something to find for my patio next year. A three tier veggie holder is a great idea.


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