Friday, June 17, 2011

Two FABULOUS Finds & New Additions

So my daughter and I headed out today for a little Father's Day shopping.  We went to the bank before heading to JCPenney's.  I had a $15.00 coupon good for any $15.00 purchase (if you work it right....FREE money), plus the normal...$20.00 off if you spend a $100.00, $15.00 off is you spend $75.00 and $10.00 off $50.00.  Well....I had to pass the Goodwill on the way, so we, well I, decided to stop (this was NOT on the list).  OH am I glad I pocket book's not so glad, but I was happy.  I headed for the furniture first, as I always do.  Nothing of interest today!  Browsed a couple of isles and then found what I thought would be the best find of the day.  A basin bowl and pitcher!

I quickly picked it up and flipped it over....Johnson Bros. Ironstone!  

I'm flipping the bowl in every direction possible looking for the crack, the massive chip, the huge stain....NOTHING! Nothing?  Am I missing something?  How could this be? So I looked one more time....Nothing!  So into the cart it went.  My heart was racing.  How is this still here? As I am putting it in the cart, my daughter says,  "That's breakable mommy".  My response: "YES it is....NO TOUCH!".

The pitcher they had paired with it is quite pretty, but not ironstone.  It is Wyandotte by Ford China Co.  They are not a matched set, but being sold as one.  Oh well....who cares.  Love it anyway and I had to have that bowl.
So are you ready to see my find?

I probably will sell the pitcher at the booth (I think...I haven't decided), but the bowl I will be keeping.  It will make a fabulous fruit bowl, salad bowl, dessert bowl...or just a sit and look pretty bowl.

If you look closely, there is a tiny chip in the rim of the bowl. This is the only major flaw I could find outside of normal wear.  I can' tell you how excited I am.  My everyday dishes are all white and this will work PERFECTLY with them and I needed a large bowl.

So just when I thought it couldn't get any better than that!  I round the corner and find a FABULOUS milk glass lamp that is COMPLETELY INTACT.  Again, my stomach does a couple of flips and I am looking around to make sure no one is coming to steal my lamp.  I have been looking for the perfect lamp for our bedroom and this one was coming home with me.  I love milk glass and to find this all in one piece ....AMAZING!
There is a clear glass shade that is under the white hobnail globe that sticks out the top slightly.  You can't see it from the light in the window.  I still can't believe I found this all in one piece.

To my mother-in-law....I have my own purple lamp now...Stay clear everyone! 

Now to explain, for those of you that are wondering what the heck I am talking about.  My mother-in-law has a beautiful lamp that sits in her living room, similar in style, but with purple glass and a hand painted floral shade with.... you guessed it, purple flowers.  Everyone of us has heard "Don't break the purple lamp".  I once had a dream it got broken.  It was really a nightmare...but the good part is, in the dream, I was on the couch so it wasn't me that did it. Phew!  Unfortunately in the dream...I didn't see who did it.  What I do wasn't me and that is all that matters.

So, Yes we did finally make it to JCP and we found some good things for Father's Day, but I can't post that now or Mr. T will know what we bought.  So instead, I will share some new additions we added to the booth last weekend and a few new additions for this week.
Fun, Summer, Chalkboard Entertaining Pieces.  Made from galvanized tubs and painted with chalkboard paint.  I will share how I did this in another post.

Faux terrariums and a faux potted fern

Tiered server made from a vintage china plate, platter and compote.

I really like this piece and want one of my own.  I just need to find the right dishes that will blend with my current china. 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  to all you wonderful fathers out there!  We love you and thanks for all you do.  We don't say it enough.


  1. Great finds. The ironstone bowl is my fave. I think I would have kept that one too.


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