Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can it get any more nutty?

I haven't posted in a while due to the fact we just got off a 3 week mid-west tour. We have kept one CRAZY schedule for the month of July and it's won't be over until August.  We saw 7 states in 3 weeks... my husband's, dad's side of the family, my husband's mom's side of the family, and my mom's side of the family.  Then when we got home and my dad and step-mom paid a visit.  I am not was GREAT to see everyone, but I am tired.

Before we left town we started to have 4 new windows and a slider put in our house.  To do this we had to remove pictures, blinds, curtains, move furniture, toys and our life!  My dining room became the catch all for all the blinds, curtains and pictures.  These were piled in the middle of the dining table.  Then all my daughter's toys were moved to the dining room as this became the playroom as well!  My family room was off limits, as the couch was crammed against the entertainment center to make room for the new windows.  The kitchen table was shoved to one side of our kitchen nook to make room for the slider.  The kitchen sink could be accessed every now and again due to the window being replaced. The project was started on July 7th, continued on July 14th and 15th and finalized on the 18th!  Nice to have new windows, but any thoughts of construction on the house make me want to cringe.  MY HOUSE IS A MESS!  Dry wall dust has found it's way into every crook, cranny and crevice at my house.  Now if only I had a maid!

Our booth is barely surviving!  Not in a financial way....but in a content sort of way.  I am thankful it is thriving and people like what we have. So much has sold, that one of the ladies at the mall called me to let me know about a few large pieces of furniture that had sold over the weekend (we had family in town so we did not get to go visit it like we usually do) and said "It's kind of empty Kellie, you may want to get some new things here soon". GREAT!  The problem is....I have not been home for 3 weeks, I have nothing ready and it is REEEEEDICULOUSLY.......HOT.......OUT!  Heat index hit 112* here yesterday....and it suppose to be even HOTTER today and tomorrow!

Then to add more to our already CRAZY CHAOS....our washer is broke!!!!  I have 2 weeks of laundry and NO washer!  AHHHHHHHHH!  The repair man will be at our house tomorrow (Thurs).  I just hope he can fix it tomorrow.  Otherwise....we will have to go the neighbors to do some laundry.  We are running out of clean clothes and quite for all the dirty laundry.

I'm tired! I need a VACATION....the kind were you park your rear end in a beach chair, have the cool ocean breeze blowing over you and not in a care in the world about what is going on around you.  Oh well!  I will do what I can do, and the rest will have to wait!


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