Friday, October 28, 2011

Krylon Glitter Blast-Here's My Blast

I was so excited when I ran across this product!  I couldn't wait to get started!  In fact, my daughter is going as Tinker Bell for Halloween and the Citrus Dream was perfect for Tinker Bell shoes.  I purchased a pair of white ballet flats at Meijer on clearance.  I wiped them down with lacquer thinner to remove any gloss from the vinyl so the paint would adhere better.  Once they were dry, I taped off the rubber sole with painters tape and filled the inside of the shoe with white tissue paper to keep the paint out of the inside. I followed the manufacturers instructions (shaking, distance, etc) and began painting.  It took 2 coats, but the result was EXACTLY what I had imagined.
Sparkling Tinker Bell Shoes!
Here they are completed before I added the "Tink Pom Pom".... 

So....I had ALL KINDS of projects running through my head for Christmas!  Here's were the excitement turns to major DISAPPOINTMENT!
I purchased silver, gold and bronze.  Planning to paint some more luminary jars with a Christmas theme to sell at our shop.  I'm pretty sure this project will not get least NOT with this product.  

I headed to the garage to spray my jars while my daughter was napping and other projects were drying.  OH the mess that I was to encounter.  If I had only known. 

I started spraying the 1st jar. I am only half way around and the paint can clogs. GREAT! So I attempt to push the button down, but it is all the way down and stuck.  So I pick at the whole with my finger nail ( because the can says to DO NOT stick pin in opening) where the glitter is suppose to come out and all that is coming out is the glue base, but no glitter.  
So I twisted the nozzle around hoping that would help.  No luck. 
I turn the can upside down, hoping that would stop the glue base and gas from coming out, but no luck with this either.  

Let me remind you the button is stuck in the DOWN position.  There is no room to push it down any further.  So I go against my better judgement AND the cans instructions and pull the nozzle off!  


The can SPECIFICALLY says not to pull the nozzle off (I should have listened), but what was left?  Well let me tell you...this was NOT the way to go. Much like the 4th of July fountains that pour out beautiful displays of light....well this was GLITTER....and it was going EVERYWHERE!  
So...since nothing was close to me to put over the top, I put my hand over it (yes I tried to put the nozzle back on and it would not go on).  

So I sat there....hand over the can, freezing glitter paint is covering my hand....I sat there until it ran out of gas.  

I would have photographed it, but it was too sticky to touch the camera and the other one had some on it too, just not as much!
My hand resembled Michael Jackson's glove from the 80's! to get it off.  First instinct is soap and water!  Wrong!  That just made it stick even more. So I went back to the can for clean up instructions....Lacquer Thinner.  Thankfully I had some.  I wasn't really sure what it would do to my skin, but I had to get the glitter off!  My daughter had dance class that night and I couldn't go with my Michael Jackson hand?  The lacquer thinner did take the glitter off, but left my hand red, irritated and very dry!  

Now what to do with the can? I wrapped the can in a plastic bag and planned to exchange it for another one.  Because there was something wrong with that can... Right?  Or was there?

 Day 2.  My daughter is napping again.  The salt dough ornaments are baking in the oven!  Time to spray some jars!  I pulled out the silver to finish spraying the one I started yesterday.  Shook the can for 2 minutes like it says (I even set a timer because I DIDN'T want a repeat of yesterday).  Took the lid off and sprayed.  SUCCESS!  One jar completed.  

Now...on to the gold.  Shake for 2 minutes, remove lid and begin spraying.  I'm half way around the jar and the can clogs AGAIN!  Well....I go through the entire process as I did before...except I DID NOT pull the nozzle off this time.  I put the can outside my garage and called Krylon.  Their answer...."I'm sorry, sometimes that happens, if you would like to mail the product back with the receipt we will be happy to refund your money".  I don't want a refund...I wanted the product work!  So I asked if they had any suggestions on how to fix the issue.  "NO, sometimes that just happens...again we can give you your money back".  

Well that doesn't help finish my project nor does it fix the huge disappointment I was left with.  I was once filled with joy about the product and now  I was greatly disappointed and left with one very dry irritated hand!  

So here I am writing this blog...which I plan to send to Krylon

Krylon...I am disappointed in your customer service line and response.  I can't be the only one out there with this issue.  Am I?  Has anyone else experienced this?  If I am....please tell me what I am doing wrong.  If I am not, Krylon shame on you for not having a better answer! Not to mention my hand is REALLY dry from 2 days of a Lacquer Thinner manicure.
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hand Made Christmas Ornaments

I decided this year I wanted to decorate a tree for our booth space. That meant having ornaments that I could sell. Here is a sneak peak and what I have been up to!
 Ball of Notes
Lacy Notes
Lacy Flakes
Double Flakes
I have a few more glass balls that I plan to fill with "snow".  I also plan to make some salt dough snow flakes decorated with glitter.  I haven't started that project yet, but here is a peak of some salt dough thanksgiving garlands that I have completed.

So now I am off to make myself look human because my little one has here second week of dance class tonight.  So cute!

Friday, October 21, 2011

All Dressed & No Occasion

It seems as though I am a minority when it comes to having a space to call my own.  At least for being creative.  Since I don't have a room designated specifically for crafting and creating, my dining room table some how looks like a dumping ground more often than not.

Well....last weekend I cleaned it up and the angels are singing!  Do you hear them?

I vowed it was going to stay clean (at least for a couple of weeks). I finally finished putting out the rest of the fall decorations and decided I was going to set my dining room table for a feast that would never happen. I know myself well enough, if it looks pretty, I am MUCH less likely to have the left overs from projects land in the middle of the table.

One of my little indulgences in life is setting the table for the holidays. I especially like setting a fall table scape.  However, we are never home for Thanksgiving. Since all of my family lives either in Northern Indiana or out of state, this is one holiday we are always away from home.  But this time....I didn't care!  I was pulling it all out anyway.  

So I had to share it with someone. 
Guess what....that someone is you!  
Thanks for allowing me to indulge!
The chandelier is my prized possession in this dining room.  Mr. T and I found it at an antique mall in Northern Indiana.  We paid $119.00!  It was a steal and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! If we ever will be going with me.
 The dining room table and hutch was my grandmothers.  It used to be blonde!  With the help of my in-laws (God love them) we refinished it to go more with our taste.  Blonde just wasn't working for me.
OOPS! sorry about the dust under the buffet! 

So....who's coming for dinner?  Anyone?  

Maybe Mr. T and I will put the little one to bed early one night and at least enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie with a glass of wine.  

If least it keeps me from piling my creations on it!  
I'm sure anyone that has driven by at night in the past couple of months must think we are the biggest slobs!  Well drive by now and peep all you want!
(Am I the only one that likes to do that?  Yes, it's my dirty little secret!  It's not like I'm standing outside your window...I am in the car....driving, well maybe Mr. T is driving and I am rubber necking.)

Ciao for now! Kellie
Friday, October 14, 2011

Faux Leaded Glass / Stained Glass

When we moved into our house 7 years ago, I immediately knew I would be cutting out the centers of 2 of my kitchen cabinet doors and creating glass front doors.  I really wanted more than just glass, so I went in search of something to create a leaded look.  There were several things on the market, but they looked...well..."faux" to say it nicely.

Then I found Pebeo stained glass lead self adhesive strip.  It was actual lead that could be topically applied to glass.
Our house was built in 1991, so needless to say, it didn't have much character.  So we had to "add" the character ourselves.  This is how our kitchen looked in 2004 when we bought the house.
Good old stock builders oak, a bowling ball light and REALLY ugly vinyl flooring with country blue flowers...just my taste....NO!!!

Since then, we have painted our cabinets, added hardware, covered that hideous flooring with laminate, added an island and pan rack, new lighting fixtures and bought some new appliances.  We had intentions of replacing the kitchen counter tops and adding a "real" back splash, but that just hasn't happened yet.  Oh least we got lucky and have basic off white instead of some funky mauve or country blue colored counter tops!
Off to the left of the fridge is where we added the faux leaded glass cabinet doors.
The faux leaded glass door cabinets are a perfect place to display many of my brightly colored vintage dishes.

This is not the only place I have used the Pebeo adhesive lead.  I have always wanted an old stained glass window, but couldn't afford one.  So I created one!  I used a vintage wood window that we found at an architectural salvage yard ($15.00).  I created the pattern I wanted (or you can google for one and print it out if you can't or don't want to draw your own). Taped it to the back of the window and began placing my lead.  After I was done, I decided I wanted to add color to it.  I like the leaded look, but after all...I wanted a stained glass window.  I used Gallery Glass Paint to finish the look.  Yes!  Gallery Glass makes a leading too...but it looked to "faux" for me.

This window now hangs over a half wall between our kitchen nook and family room.  It acts as a nice divider without blocking light or the view.
According to my camera...I need to clean it!  Funny I don't notice that when it's hanging there!
My next victim...will be a stereo cabinet that I converted to a curio cabinet.  It used to sit in our entry way, but has been moved to our dining room to house my collection of crystal and silver.  My plan is to repaint it in an off white (don't laugh, it was originally painted almost 5 years ago now) and then add the leading to the glass door.  Stay tuned for that project.  I will try to take pictures and create a tutorial...assuming anyone is interested.  
Anyone? Anyone?
And if you don't want to wait, try for your's not that difficult and the results are fantastic.  Many people think the window is real stained glass and I get many questions on my kitchen cabinets...."How did you do that?".

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Secretary Dresser and a Desk

Just when I think things are going to settle down and life will be at a slower pace...someone hits the gas!  

We were out of town last weekend for our annual fall garage sale with Mr. T's family.  It's always a good time!  WAY TOO MUCH FOOD (grows the rear and waste line a bit), but always fun to spend time with family.  On Monday (the Monday before the weekend we were to be gone), Steph at  Main Street Shoppes where we have our booth called to let me know we sold the secretary dresser.  
No staged vanity shots here, just raw, straight from the booth photo!  However, I love the way this turned out.  To see the before pictures visit my Treasures Abound Post.  This took quite a bit of work since the original hardware was counter sank into the edge of the drawers.  Lots of filling and sanding.  I left the inside the the desk drawer in it's original finish.  It had a nice leather inset for writing.  Painting would have been too difficult and I didn't want to remove the leather inset.  We replaced the handles with cut glass handles that Mr. T did a wonderful job with his precise measuring to get them placed perfectly.

The secretary dresser selling was GREAT news! Except, I had a big hole to fill and I wasn't going to be home for the weekend to get anything done to fill that space.  So Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night (starting all of this around 9pm after we settled our daughter in for the night) I worked on refinishing a desk we had for a couple of months in the garage.  I put the finishing touches on Thursday morning before we left town.  We squeezed in a quick trip to the booth and then off to northern Indiana for a long weekend.

So no laughing at my photos.  Again...they are not staged and pretty!

I didn't get the best before pictures of this one.  Mr. T had already sanded it and removed the hardware.  Sorry....but when someone does the dirty work for you....there is no room for complaining! Yes!  That is our crazy messy garage in the background.

I wish I would have thought to get pictures of the original hardware.  I had planned to paint and reuse them.  However, when Mr. T took them off the literally crumbled.  I am not sure how metal does this, but it did.  

I got to feel like Super Woman for a moment...I could actually break metal with my bare hands!  
So this created A LOT of extra work.  The holes were 2 3/4 inches apart (stock handles are usually 3 inches) so that meant it would be nearly impossible to use the existing holes.  They all had to be filled and sanded.  I filled them with Kwikwood.  If you have never used this is the best!
Once all the holes were filled and sanded. I was ready to paint.  I went out on a limb here and did something risky.  I painted this one green.  I love green, it is my favorite color, but not everyone feels that way. So we will see what the reaction is.  I used Tansy Green from Sherwin Williams.  In person, it's kind of a bright olive green.  People with either love or hate it.  Let's see what you think???
My biggest fear is that people are going to think 1970's green and that is so NOT what I was going for.  

Anyway....I like it, I just hope others do to.  

I distressed the green and then waxed the whole thing in Minwax special dark.  The top was stained in Early American by Minwax and waxed with the special dark as well.  The hardware was a goodwill score.  $0.99 each...of course they were bright brass!  I painted them with Rustoleum's oil rubbed bronze, lightly sanded the edges to give them that worn feel and then waxed them too!
So be honest...what do you think of the green?  Can't wait to see your thoughts and no sugar coating!

Ciao for now! Kellie

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