Friday, October 21, 2011

All Dressed & No Occasion

It seems as though I am a minority when it comes to having a space to call my own.  At least for being creative.  Since I don't have a room designated specifically for crafting and creating, my dining room table some how looks like a dumping ground more often than not.

Well....last weekend I cleaned it up and the angels are singing!  Do you hear them?

I vowed it was going to stay clean (at least for a couple of weeks). I finally finished putting out the rest of the fall decorations and decided I was going to set my dining room table for a feast that would never happen. I know myself well enough, if it looks pretty, I am MUCH less likely to have the left overs from projects land in the middle of the table.

One of my little indulgences in life is setting the table for the holidays. I especially like setting a fall table scape.  However, we are never home for Thanksgiving. Since all of my family lives either in Northern Indiana or out of state, this is one holiday we are always away from home.  But this time....I didn't care!  I was pulling it all out anyway.  

So I had to share it with someone. 
Guess what....that someone is you!  
Thanks for allowing me to indulge!
The chandelier is my prized possession in this dining room.  Mr. T and I found it at an antique mall in Northern Indiana.  We paid $119.00!  It was a steal and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! If we ever will be going with me.
 The dining room table and hutch was my grandmothers.  It used to be blonde!  With the help of my in-laws (God love them) we refinished it to go more with our taste.  Blonde just wasn't working for me.
OOPS! sorry about the dust under the buffet! 

So....who's coming for dinner?  Anyone?  

Maybe Mr. T and I will put the little one to bed early one night and at least enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie with a glass of wine.  

If least it keeps me from piling my creations on it!  
I'm sure anyone that has driven by at night in the past couple of months must think we are the biggest slobs!  Well drive by now and peep all you want!
(Am I the only one that likes to do that?  Yes, it's my dirty little secret!  It's not like I'm standing outside your window...I am in the car....driving, well maybe Mr. T is driving and I am rubber necking.)

Ciao for now! Kellie


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