Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hand Made Christmas Ornament Tutorial-Ball of Notes

Supply List:
  1. Clear glass ornaments.  These can be found at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann's, etc.
  2. Old music sheets, scrapbook paper that is music printed or print vintage music sheet from the Graphic Fairy.  This is what I did.  Then I copied the paper so it was double sided.
   3. Scissors
   4. Pencil or pen for rolling paper around
   5. Ribbon (optional)
   6. Ornament Hooks


Decide what paper you are going to use.  Again, I printed mine from the Graphic Fairy and printed it so it was double sided.   
   Trim the paper so that you are right next to the music print.  By doing this you eliminate any blank areas once the paper is curled and inserted into the ornament.
 Then cut your sheet music into 1/4 inch wide strips.  I cut the strips starting at the bottom of the longest length.  I did NOT measure these into exact 1/4 inch sections.  I simply eye-balled it and cut.  If they aren't exactly straight that's OK. You won't see this once they are curled.
 Then starting at one end, roll your paper around your pencil / pen.
 Remove your paper spiral, keeping it as rolled as possible.

Remove the ornament top and insert your paper spiral into your ornament.  Continue this process until the ornament is filled to your likings
 Replace your ornament top, add an ornament hook and tie a ribbon (optional) around the hook at the top

You may have noticed a snowflake in the back ground....these are the snowflake salt dough ornaments that I made.  I will share about those in another post. Super easy,  very inexpensive, and they look FABULOUS!

That's it!  Your done.  Now you just need to make about a dozen more and decorate the tree!
 Ciao! for now, Kellie

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