Monday, December 12, 2011

Work, Work, and More Work, and a FREE Shabby Apple Dress

Thursday was the finale of 4 months worth of hard work and preparation at my "Full-Time, Part-Time" job.  
 I work for a company called Reachmore as a Marketing Manager/Executive Assistant/Admin. Assistant/WECDU (this stands for: whatever else CJ dreams up ....the official term used in my review).  I am very fortunate, it's just me and my boss, so although officially it is a job, most days are very easy going with very little stress.  Wednesday and Thursday were not exactly stress free.  On Tuesday morning I received a phone call from the venue that our event was suppose to be held.  The voice on the other end of the phone had left me a message to tell me that they had "DOUBLE-BOOKED" the room and we were going to be moved to a new venue.  I really don't know how a venue that books events EVERYDAY OVER-BOOKS, but it happened.  So, where I had planned to spend my day prepping paperwork and last minute details, the day quickly turned to a scramble to inform 150 people that we had moved to a new location.  My boss was holding the year-end Marketing Seminar, called Thrive Map-Goal Setting Workshop (which by the way was FANTASTIC). Do you know what your spouse, child, best-friend, family and/or co-workers would say about you in your eulogy?  This was a question posed at the workshop.  Kind of scary to think about!  The workshop was all about setting goals in your life the focused on how you want to "live" your life.  Definitely makes you rethink some of your over-all goals when in the end they all lead to your eulogy.

Thursday morning started out at 5am to be at the conference center by 7am to prep for the event and check everyone in.  We ended up having over 170 people in attendance (unbelievable, especially with a venue change)! The  event ended at 11:30, then we had clean up and interviews.  I arrived home around 12:30.  I had a vet appointment for my 16 year old cat on the east side of Indianapolis (I live on the north side).  Back out the door by 1:45 to be there by 2:20.  China and I arrived home around 3:45.  My mind was racing on all the things that still needed to be completed.  Dinner, JcPenney's for pictures with Santa (for my daughter not me), and then finish a dining table and chairs, magnet boards, an end table, more "Ball of Notes" ornaments, 3 book wreathes and some how find time to get to bed, only to start all over on Friday to finish any remaining things for the Christmas Open House on Saturday morning at the Mall! {Phew}.

My in-laws were in town to help keep track of the little one, so I could attend the seminar (I'm usually off on Thursdays) and get ready for the open house.  When I walked in the door from the vet, they informed me that Santa had a family emergency so our pictures would need to be rescheduled.  AHHHH!  That is 3 hours I just gained in the evening (more time to finish project for the Christmas Open House).  I am very sad for Santa, but relieved that this was removed from my plate.  I hadn't checked emails since Wednesday afternoon, so I decided I would take a moment and do this.

This is where the day, got really exciting!!!  There was an email in my inbox from Susan Smith and a subject: YHOB Dress Giveaway. Hmmm!  I had forgotten that I had entered a contest on Susan's Blog (Your Home Only Better).  I had won the Boogie Woogie Dress from The Shabby Apple. I NEVER win ANYTHING!  I was so excited!  This MADE MY DAY!  I can't wait for it to get here.  Once it does...Mr. T and I have a date!  Not sure where as of yet, but I can promise you....we are going out!  Now...I will probably need to buy some new shoes, to go with my new dress...HMMMM!
By the way, if you have not visited The Shabby Apple, you MUST do so IMMEDIATELY!  They have some of the prettiest dresses I have seen in a VERY LONG time!  Very feminine without showing it all!  

Thank you to Susan at Your Home Only Better for hosting the fabulous contest and thank you to The Shabby Apple for offering the give-a-way.  I can't wait to get it.  If you haven't checked out Susan's blog, that is a must as well.  I read it regularly and it is ALWAYS a great read.

To finish up the weekend, we had our Christmas Open house at the Mall where we have our booth.  It was a ton of fun!  Since Mr. T and I work during the week, we rarely make it in when other dealers are there.  We are the ones adding and straightening on the weekends...not the ideal time, but you do what you have to.  So this weekend, we were able to chat and mingle with other dealers, eat a ton of yummy snacks, greet the customers, make a few sales and gab with the owners.  It was a great time had by all. 

Sunday was all about family and rest....boy did I need it!   I will share some photos of the booth and the FINISHED Pottery Barn Table and Chairs that Mr. T found at the goodwill.  I love the way it turned out!

Ciao for now! Kellie


  1. Boy, you've been one busy lady Kellie. Congrats on your win. That's a great dress.

  2. So glad you won!!!!! Now go on a date already! lol


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