Monday, January 30, 2012

French/Swedish-Style Inspired Hand Painted Drop Leaf Table

I found this fantastic drop leaf table at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  I absolutely love drop leaf tables!  You can beat them for functionality. The are perfect for small spaces  because you can fold the leaves down and the seat 2 comfortably. or extend the leaves....1 leaf to seat 4 or 2 leaves to seat up to 8.  When the party is over...fold the leaves down and you are back to 2.  

Our dining room table was my grandmothers drop leaf table.  So needless to say, I had to talk myself out of keeping this one, but in the end, Mr. T convinced me that we didn't need it. 

I wanted this table to be something special.  I envisioned it being purchased by someone with a larger home than ours!  I could see this table being cozyed up behind someone's overstuffed down sofa and serving as a multifunctional piece; an accent piece, a game table, or a writing desk for homework.  Now, I am sure I will never REALLY know where this will end up, but that was my vision. So I knew it needed to be painted as a stand out piece, but I wanted it to be neutral; Swedish, French inspired. This is our journey!
Here are a couple of before photos.
Excuse my messy garage.  If you look carefully you can see the before of the chair I covered in the Faux Grain Sack
The table was in excellent condition.  However, the finish was not.  It either need to be stripped and refinished or painted.  If I kept it for myself, I probably would have stripped and refinished it.  It was beautiful mahogany wood (one of my favorites).  But I know that I am not the norm and most people these days prefer painted wood, so I chose to paint it.
This table has a wonderful storage drawer at one end!  Making it perfect for small spaces and being used for multiple functions.
 I painted the entire table in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Old White and used accents of ASCP Cream and Paris Grey.
After painting the entire table in ASCP Old White, I sketched on my design across the entire table top in pencil.
I base coated my entire design in Annie Sloan Cream and Paris Grey.  Then I added in a bit of brown acrylic along with ASCP Old White for highlighting.
The design stretches across the entire top of the table.  
I also added the same colors to the base of the table to highlight the details and tie the entire look together.
I sealed the entire piece with 2 coats of Liberon Clear (love, love, love this) wax and highlighted it with Minwax Special Dark (will be purchasing a brown in Liberon once this is gone), then LIGHTLY distressed it to give it an aged effect.
I was thrilled with the finished results.  It turned out EXACTLY how I had envisioned it!

Hopefully  the person that purchases this, will love it as much as I do!  Thanks for stopping by.
Ciao for now! Kellie


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  1. This beyond beautiful!! I love it!

  2. Beautiful! Whoever buys this will be getting a piece of art as well as a useful table. Great job!

  3. So wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Thank you to all of you for your kind comments. I had a lot of fun painting this table. I goal is to get out and visit each of your blogs! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. It turned out GORGEOUS! I love the design you used too. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  6. Hi Kellie, oh I LOVE what you did with this drop leaf table! I'll be featuring it tonight at Project Queen's Highlight Party. Thank you so much for linking it up!


  7. I love this table! You did a fantastic job! Pinned it. Saw you featured at Project Queen.

  8. Artsy Va Va...thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I notice that you painted this in Annie Sloan paint but are now a Cece Caldwell rep. All of these paints are pricey but I'm trying to decide between buying cans from ASCP, Cece or Caromal.

    Can you advise me on the pros and cons of each?

    1. Hello Anonymous!

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes...I did paint the entire table in ASCP and yes I am selling CeCe Caldwell's Paints (CCP) now. I love both paints for their own qualities! However, I love CCP more! Reasons: ASCP is a very opaque velvety matte finish (before waxing) when applied straight from the can. CCP is a matte finish, but because of the natural ingredients (clay and chalk) it has natural variations in color. This is something that I really like. I think it gives the piece more character naturally. The variations are things I can't control. I think it makes a piece look aged/old without trying to manufacturer this look. Less work on the painter and much easier for the beginner painter. CCP is 100% Green, 100% VOC (volatile organic compounds)FREE, and completely NON-Toxic. These are qualities I like for living a healthier lifestyle. ASCP is LOW VOC, not NO VOC. Her paints also contain acrylic which makes the distressing properties a tad different. Cost is similar in price. ASCP colors are influenced from trends in Europe and CCP colors are influences from trends here in the US. CCP is founded and manufactured here in the USA. ASCP is manufactured here in the USA, but founded in Europe. Not a bad thing, but I like the fact that CCP is a US company through and through. ASCP paint is thicker straight from the can and sometimes can take a bit getting used to. It does NOT go on like latex paint. For some this can be tricky. CCP is thinner straight from the can and goes on similar to latex paint. Both can be thickened by leaving the lid off over night. Both can be thinned with water. Both are water clean up. As far as Caromal Paint. I read up on it and considered purchasing a can, but in the end, really couldn't find a color I fell in love with. They were too rustic/primitive to me. I have never used their product. However, one of our retailers (CCP) retails both! She may be someone you want to contact. Here info is as follows:

      Fabulous Finishes Retail
      Patty Henning
      49972 Van Dyke Road
      Shelby Twp., MI 48317

      I hope this helps. Feel free to email me if I have not answered your questions. thepauperscastle[at]live[dot]com

    2. Well said! Period

      Lisa Lytle
      Atlanta Georgia
      The BoneYard On Raymond Hill
      Authorized Cece Caldwell's Paints retailer


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