Friday, March 2, 2012

Paint Ships Out Tuesday!

For those of you that follow my blog regularly, you know that I have not posted as regularly the past month or so.  That is because I have been busy preparing for our shipment of CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paint!

Jill from Bungalow 47 (the distributor for Mountain/Midwest Region) out of Michigan called this morning with news! She told me our paint will ship out this coming Tuesday! 
 I am SOOOOOOO excited.

That means we will have paint on the shelf in about a week and a half at the very most!
I the mean time, I thought I would share some photos of the china hutch that I purchased on Craig's List for our display piece.
Let me warn was not a pretty piece in the beginning...
not only in looks, but in smell as well.
OMG...I used an ENTIRE bottle of Lysol Mold and Mildew remover cleaning the cabinet and then rewashed the ENTIRE piece is PF-TSP. did remove the mildew and the STINKY smell!
We removed the glass and the two wooden slats that held the glass in.
Mr. T added some additional support to the existing wooden shelves and trimmed it all nicely. After all, it will be holding quarts of paint and we didn't want them to come crashing down! 
The inside was painted in CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paint in Destin Gulf Green and Vintage White.  I mixed 1 cup Vintage White with 1/2 cup Destin Gulf Green. It is the softest, prettiest, blue green color! Love the way it turned out.
The base of the cabinet was painted in CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Seattle Mist Gray Paint and the trim was painted in Vintage White.  What I adore about this paint is the natural variation in color you get from the natural ingredients in the paint.  If you look closely at the left hand side of the photos you can see some darker gray lines in the paint.  That IS the paint.  I have done nothing, but lightly sand and wax this piece. Because of the natural characteristics of the paint, in most cases, dark wax is not even needed. Saving you time and money! The paint gives you the aged look naturally!
A close up of the top of the hutch detail.  Seattle Mist Gray and Vintage White.
Finished hutch waiting for paint!!

I will post when we get it in!
Ciao! Kellie

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  1. This is so awesome!!! I'm so excited for you I can hardly stand it. Chantelle

    1. Thanks Chantelle! We are SUPER excited too! Can't wait.1

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