Friday, April 20, 2012

One Rocker - Multiple Lives

This child's rocker was built by my Dad; Goos Woodworks.  I had originally thought it would be best to leave it unfinished.  That way the person that bought it could paint or finish to match their decor.  That didn't go over so well.  It sat for about 6 months!  
So then I decided that I would paint it.  I wasn't sure what color to go with.  Gut....something bright and fun. However, that didn't seem to be "universal".  So I went against my gut and went neutral.  Something that would appeal to most.  I painted it a very pale green.  So pale it almost seemed off white. didn't impress me too much! 
This was the ONLY photo I could find of it!  I think it was like this for almost a year! 
Well, I finally decided it was time to go with my gut.  Go Bold!
Ah!  Much better!  I painted the entire rocker in CeCe Caldwell's Blue Montana Sky!
Then I free handed some numbers on with regular chalk.  This works REALLY well!  Once you paint in the numbers and let the paint dry, simply wipe away the chalk lines!  
No one will ever know!
Maybe the third life of this little rocker will allow it to find it's forever home!  
I hope so, I REALLY like it now!  Should have went with my gut the first time!

The lamp in the photo was a Goodwill purchase.  I have a thing for milk glass lamps!  This one however, I am not sure what they were thinking when the added the wood center.  It just didn't do it justice.
When I purchased it, I envisioned a fun pop of color.  I decided to go with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk & Clay Paint in Spring Hill Green.
I planned to add a white shade with green ribbon on the trim!  
Target saved me the energy.  I found the lamp shade at is!  
It was a perfect match.  Life is good!

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Happy Painting! Ciao for now! Kellie

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