Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Paint Challenge from CeCe Herself!

This week we were given a challenge by CeCe Caldwell herself! There was to be contest between all the CeCe Caldwell retailers.  We were to paint a piece of furniture or whatever we wanted by Sunday at 10pm using CCC (CeCe Caldwell's) Cottonwood Sienna!  I had a trumeau style mirror in my garage that I thought would be the perfect piece to complete in one evening. Plus it could be painted inside!!! 

 If you haven't watched the news as of late, the midwest is having a horrible drought. It has been blazing hot here in Indiana and the driest it been in a 104 years!  We haven't had any rain in over 40 days.  We are on watering bans, temperatures over 100 degrees for weeks now.  Our lakes and water supplies are drying up. So when you corn prices skyrocket, you will know why!  Please pray for rain here....we need it desperately! My yard looks like a haystack!
Ok enough of my plea for rain.  Back to the mirror.
This is the mirror in the "before" state.  Basic 80's style wood framed mirror with some really cool carved detail at the top.  VERY heavy mirror!  I knew I would be using CCC Cottonwood Sienna but I needed some more inspiration.  
My shower curtain fabric was perfect!    I decided I would use CCC Caldwell's Destin Gulf Green with the Cottonwood Sienna.  I really wasn't sure how I was going to use these two colors just yet, but I would figure that out as I went.
I painted the entire mirror with the Cottonwood Sienna.  I did this in sections because I wanted to give it a crackle effect.  I painted it on rather thick and then used my scrapbook heat gun to dry the paint very quickly.  Doing this causes the paint to crack.  Leaving you with a crackle finish.
Once the mirror was completed painted in Cottonwood Sienna I then coated the entire mirror with CeCe Caldwell's clear wax.
Then I immediately began waxing the mirror with CCC Aging Wax.  I brushed it on and then wiped it back with a soft cloth.
The Aging Wax really makes the "crackle" stand out!
 I dry brushed Destin Gulf Green over the carved area.
My original plan was to just add touches of Destin Gulf Green to the carved wood area, but then I decided it needed more.  So that's when I decided to make a glaze out of Destin Gulf Green and CCC clear wax.  I mixed one spoonful of Clear Wax and one spoonful of the Destin Gulf Green together.
Then I brushed the glaze over the entire mirror making sure to really let it settle in the ridges and cracks. 
I let it dry a bit and then went back and wiped with a soft cloth.  I let the mirror dry overnight and then buffed it down in the morning.
Here is the finished results!
 This isn't the best picture.  I had a hard time photographing this.  Our walls on the main level or our house were too close to the same color as the Cottonwood Sienna and it got lost.  So I took it up to our bathroom to use the "inspriation" as the back drop.  However, I bathroom is long an narrow.  So I was very difficult to get a good shot without me getting in the mirror.  None the less, I think you can get an idea.

Happy Painting!
Ciao for now! Kellie


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing the colors and techniques, Kellie!

  2. Kellie, your mirror turned out awesome! Love the layering of waxes ~ Great Job!!


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