Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vacation and New Kitchen Furniture

Time flies when you are having fun.

At the end of September, my family and I took a vacation of Disney World.  This was my first trip EVER to Disney World.  WOW, I was blown away.  I knew I would have a good time, but I never thought I would have as much fun as I did.  Nothing can ever take the place of a three and half year old little girl that is obsessed with princesses getting to meet Cinderella and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty for those of you that aren't up on these things) for the first time.  It took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes to see how overjoyed she was!
 Naomie, on a plane for the very first time! So excited!
Getting ready for breakfast at the castle
Getting to meet Cinderella
 Couldn't get enough of Aurora!

It was truly a "Magical" vacation that I will never forget!  Can't wait to go back!
Shortly after we returned home, my dad paid a visit for about a week.  It's always fun when P-Pa comes to town.  On this trip, we would be swapping kitchen tables.  I was passing on our red painted oak pedestal table to my brother(Dad's taking it back to Ohio for my brother) and in return, I was getting my great-grandmothers oak pedestal table.  I'm in love!
The history behind this table amazes me.  My dad remembers meals and stories while sitting at this table with his grand-parents. I remember lots of cookies at this table while visiting my great-grandmother.  Always cookies before dinner!  She was the best! When she was moved to a nursing home, this became our family table at home.

There were some tasty meals served at it and then some not so tasty meals (i.e., pot roast, tuna noodle casserole, stuffed green peppers). Sorry mom, but this is no secret to you!  I was rather vocal then and still am. Love you!  Needless to say, there will be many more meals served and stories to tell around this table.  Hopefully someday my daughter will want her great-great-grandmothers table!  I love it!  And for all you painters out there (myself included), this one will stay in it's beautiful oak finish!  I promise Dad!

As luck has it, just before we left for vacation, Todd and I were paying a visit to the Salvation Army and ran across this beauty. My heart skipped a beat when I spotted it!  I knew it would be way more than I wanted to spend, but I had to take a peek!  My heart jumped and I had fluttering butterflies in my was priced at $80.00!  I couldn't believe it.  I began scouring for all the problems!  I found VERY few.  A couple of scratches and two missing knobs.  That was it!  No water damage, no funky smells. What a steal and the mirror was in almost perfect condition, considering the age.

 I had to have it!
I hadn't said a word and my husband looked at me and said "It wont' fit".

My response... "Won't fit where"? "In the car or the house"?

His reply, "Either".

I immediately responded..."you need to go get the tape measure out of the car, I think it will fit".  So he humored me and measured. This time, I was right! It would fit!!!  However there was a minor detail, we would have to make another trip to pick it up because we would need to remove my daughter's car seat!  So again, being the wonderful husband that he is, he agreed after I told him what my plans were for it. 

 I would paint it and resell it! 

He was right, I had no place for it. However, I hadn't completely given up on the idea. So we got in line to pay.  While we were waiting, Todd saw a sign that said "All tan tags 50% off".  Our buffet had a tan tag...would this piece really only be $40.00??  Todd asked, and the manager said, "sure, why not" (turns out our tan tag was not the tan tag the sign was referring to).  Love that manager!  I couldn't believe my ears....this piece was only going to cost me HALF of what I thought I was going to pay originally.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it.  We made the purchase on Saturday.  They were closed on Sunday so we had to pick it up on Monday.  Needless to say, between Saturday night and Monday, I was plotting as to how I was going to make this fit in MY house. After a lot of negotiating and convincing Todd to just "try it out in the space"'s staying!  So excited and it looks fabulous with my grandma's table.  Eventually I will strip and refinish it, but for now, just a good cleaning a bit of stain to touch up some scratches and I am beside myself!

The knob on the left was broken. That was glued back together. The knob on the right, is a new one that I attempted to make look old like the others.  I may see if I can find some old glass knobs.  I haven't decided.


  1. so, I have to ask which Salvation Army do you frequent? The one on Michigan Rd? Obviously, I'm local!

    1. Hi Kerry,
      Funny you ask! I can't say I "frequent" it. It was the first time I had ever been in there, but after that finding, I will be going back. Our vet is on the east side of Indy and we were over there getting some meds for my cat. We stopped to eat for dinner, but it was still early so we decided to stop just to see. SO GLAD I did. Ok...long drawn out story, but the one on Washington St. How's the one on Michigan? Have you been? Thanks for stopping by and reading! :-)

  2. I haven't been in the one on Michigan Rd. Always wondered about it, but never ventured in. See your find, I may now!! Sweet find. Love it!

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