Monday, November 12, 2012

Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

If you are like me, you love the look of vintage mercury glass, but can't afford the real thing! 

 I have tried several methods of attempting to recreate this look.  
Some I have hated completely because they looked too faux!  
Others have been OK.  However, I didn't like it enough to spend the time making them.

Well the other day while gazing over some antique ornaments, it hit me!  
I think I will try this method and see how it works.  
I love the results.  What do you think?

Here's how to create your own faux vintage mercury glass ornaments:

  1. Clear glass ornaments
  2. CeCe Caldwell's Chalk & Clay Paint - Vermont Slate
  3. water and a bowl for mixing
  4. Medicine syringe if you have one you aren't using anymore or a small funnel 
  5. Real Silver Leaf (Art Minds Silver Leaf - Michaels)
  6. Adhesive Size (Mona Lisa by Speedball - Michaels)
  7. Sealer (Mona Lisa by Speedbal - Michaels)
  8. make-up sponge, sea sponge, or stencil sponge 
  9. Hair dry for speeding the drying process (I'm impatient)
  1. Sponge on the adhesive size over entire ornament leaving some areas slightly uncovered.  How much you leave is a personal preference.
  2. Dry with hair dryer or let dry naturally for about 30 min.
  3. Once dry, start laying the silver leaf over the ball.  It will stick to the areas that have the adhesive size.  Use ALL scraps.  I rolled mine over the little flakes so that I wouldn't waste any.
  4. Now mix CeCe Caldwell's Vermont Slate 50/50 with water (you could use acrylic if you wanted to)
  5. Add the 50/50 mixed paint inside the ornament with either the syringe (easiest method) or using the funnel pour a small amount inside the ornament.
  6. Roll the ornament around coating the inside.  Pour out any excess. Some of you are asking why I didn't do this BEFORE I added the silver leaf.  I like to see how I am applying the adhesive size.  I found I could see the application better if I did this before I painted the inside of the ornaments.  However, this was MY preference.  You could do this as step 1.
  7. If you find you have some areas that are more open and exposing too much of the dark paint, simply repeat steps 1-3
  8. Rub over the ornament making sure all the silver leaf is completely adhered.  
  9. Now seal your ornaments with the sealer. This will make sure they don't tarnish.  If you want them to tarnish.  You can leave them unsealed.
That's it! Instant faux vintage mercury glass ornaments!

PS-Keep your ornaments upright until the paint is completely dry.

Happy creating! Ciao for now! Kellie


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