Born and raised in Kansas City, MO. I moved to Indiana in 1994 where I met the love of my life, Todd, in 2000. God has been very good to me! He not only gave me a wonderful spouse, but he gave me a best friend. Todd and I share many of the same hobbies and interest. I guess that's how The Pauper's Castle truly has come to be. This is our journey:

I spent many years working the normal Monday through Friday job before finding my true passion, reinventing the old and making it new again. I have always been drawn to anything vintage and antique. Although The Pauper's Castle officially began in August 2010, the journey really began about 10 years ago.

Always drawn to anything creative, I’ve been in “training” most of my life. I can remember my mom asking me nicely, then not so nicely, to please clean up my "crafty messes". Later, I began decorating rooms for friends...never for money, but for the simple creative outlet and the love of reinventing!

Todd and I were married for 7 years before we expanded our family.  We spent the first 4 years touring one antique shop after the next.  Dreaming up projects and what we "could" do with "that" if we only had the space.  Well in 2004, we purchased our first home.  NOW! we have the space and the slate to begin creating and reinventing! We spent 5 years redoing our own home, one room at a time.  Most of what we did was completely cosmetic and nothing structural, but we had a blast planning it all out and executing it.  Once we completed that, we moved on to furniture, until we ran out of space.  Once that happened, the furniture began to collect in the shed.  Knowing that "someday" I would have a need for it.  I just didn't know when or for what. Then in August of 2009, after working since I was 15, I quit my very well paying, full-time job, to work part-time and stay home with our first child. It was the scariest, yet most exciting thing I have ever done. Little did I know that this new bundle of joy would be the kick in the pants that I needed to finally start my dream of The Pauper's Castle.

Now you need to know...I have had this name, "The Pauper's Castle" for almost 5 years prior to starting the business. It was just waiting for my "business" to begin.  Todd and I have dreamed about "someday" owning our own little antique/home decor store front, but I don't think we every really thought it would come to fruition.  Well it has, in August of 2010 we opened, not a store front, but booth space.  We wanted to start small as neither one of us like to take BIG risks.  So our journey began, and with God by our side, we hope that it is everything we have dreamed of.

In March of 2011, we took a big gamble (or at least it was for us) and took on a line of paint.  CeCe Caldwell's Chalk & Clay Paint. Currently we are the only retailer here in the State of Indiana for this wonderful 100% Green, NO VOC, Non-Toxic, No Prep boutique paint.  We couldn't be more excited.  In January of this year, we started offering "Rehab Your Rubbish" workshops.  Be sure to check and see when our next workshop is...you might want to join us!

In conclusion, I am blessed to be married to my best friend who not only encourages me, but is willing to help with any project I throw at him.

My life is full....I'm amazed and completely grateful to God for all that He brings to my life. My wonderful husband, my beautiful and life fulfilling little girl, and all the opportunities he has provided.  We shall see what else this little life journey if life will bring.

To be continued....For now, I am along for the ride!